Alcohol can also be good for your health

It is not uncommon to find information on the harmful effects of drinking alcohol, but are there some benefits? Know the good that alcohol can do to your health.

It is easy to find out the effects of alcohol in the body when consumed in exaggeration or even moderately: the pancreas and the liver are the ones who suffer most, motor capacity is affected to the point of disrupting the conduct and even the ability to walk, esophagus, breast and liver cancer are only a few of which are enhanced by its effects, and it is absolutely forbidden to pregnant women ingest alcohol, as this may cause damage to the fetus development process, so on.

However, it is important to take the reality: alcohol, when consumed mildly and carefully, can help improve the quality of life. Check this out.

It is known that consuming alcohol has a very positive effect on cardiovascular health. A recent study conducted by Harvard University, showed that moderate amounts of alcohol increase the levels of “good” cholesterol, while at the same time shows abilities to eliminate small blood clots. Simultaneously, it was also found that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of premature death by 18%, not only for preventing cardiovascular disease, but also for enhancing cell regeneration.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s, for example, are diseases that lost intensity when potential patients ingest alcohol, primarily due to the neurons regeneration – neurons begin to die only when alcohol is ingested in overdose.

Sexual life also benefits from alcohol consumption: erectile dysfunction can be treated more easily when alcoholic beverages are part of the menu, moderately, of course, and libido gains new life when this substance is ingested.

And we are, of course, talking about serious diseases and chronic problems, but the alcohol can help to prevent colds and flu: The Psychology Department at Carnegie Mellon University found that non-smoker patients with moderate alcohol consumption have a reduced chance of getting colds. A Spanish Institute, back in 2000, concluded that a person who drinks between eight and 14 glasses of red wine per week, reduces the risk of colds by about 60%.

As you can see, there are many reasons to drink a glass of wine or a beer – but beware! Always in moderation.

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