What would a Well resolved person do?

The term “well resolved person” applies to people who, despite the difficulties that they might cross, they can be at peace with life.

Resilient and balanced, a well resolved person manage to fight their way through the difficult moments of life and turn them into teachings that keep them strong. Most importantly, they hold no resentment or hurt feelings that make them live in the past.

Be a well resolved person requires a continuous and interior work is essentially a question of attitude. The fact that you are, or not well resolved seems to have almost become a requirement of personality required in obtaining your personal success.


These people exude confidence. This does not mean that they are convinced, but they have full awareness of their strengths and limitations and still feel comfortable.

Their attitude is self-acceptance and self love, but without exaggeration.


People “well resolved” know what they want and are determined. They know themselves well and know what are their limits. Still nothing makes them stop to think that they are on the right track. They have the awareness that they will suffer many setbacks, but they do not give up at first and can achieve their goals.


These people have a zest for life. Living is not a sacrifice for them. Despite the difficulties that life is full, they don’t lose heart and life continues to be a bounty full of possibilities and adventures. Instead of downcast and complainants they opt for more positive and optimistic attitude that allows them to be at peace with life. “Sorrows do not pay debts” and these people put into practice this truth.


Feelings of love and caring for others are the dominant note in people who are at peace with themselves. They like to promote the welfare and understanding among all, seeking to create harmony in their interpersonal relationships.

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