The best sports for the brain

It is certain and known that exercise brings numerous benefits to the body and mind. Find out which ones improve our brain.

In general, all physical activity practice, preferably on a regular basis, is beneficial to our physical, mental and emotional health. Ideally, you should start practicing a sport from an early age, but better late than never. Even starting a sport practice in older ages, your body and brain appreciate, due to its benefits.

The concentration and focus required in some sports improve cognitive function of the brain and its reaction times and memory. Aerobic exercises, for example, strengthen the suppliers’ functions of the heart, resulting in a better oxygenation of the brain cells and thereby new neurotransmitters.

There are some sports that activate more the brain than others, such as team sports. Football, basketball and handball, among many others, develop links between the various participants, such as fellowship, friendship and socialization. The fight for a common goal against an opponent make team players develop a sense of self-confidence, demonstrating lower tendency to suffer from depression.

Skating is another activity that stimulate your cerebral activity by working the balance. When you’re on skates, the body attempts to keep up and right, thus causing an extra brain activity.

Similarly, tennis or table tennis are sports that require excellent eye and arms/hands coordination for a quick reaction to the ball thrown. Furthermore, the use of immediate strategies as a means of trying scoring imply a faster than normal brain activity.

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