The Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-aging programs can reduce your actual biological age. Explore the world of anti-aging.

The life expectancy of human beings is increasing significantly, so anti-aging is a concern and desire of humanity. In the Roman Empire, the average life expectancy was 28 years, nowadays average life expectancy of a European has risen to 80 years. There were numerous advances in medicine, technology, economic and social conditions that made possible to almost triple the average life expectancy ever since, the main increase factor was the large reduction of child mortality. In older ages, when causes of death are mainly associated with chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases or cancers, it is also believed that mortality can be reduced through greater access to health care, the use of vaccines, increased physical exercise and healthy diet.

The obsession of the human being by rejuvenation and for eternal youth has always been a constant and the theme “youth” is almost always on the agenda. The search for eternal youth raises, in United States of America, about 50 billion in profits on all kinds of anti-aging specific products.

The antiaging medicine can’t stop time, but it may delay our biological clock and slow the aging process. This particular area has emerged 22 years ago in the United States, having gained attention throughout the world for the research being developed in order to try to find ways to reverse the physical age. Slowing or reversing the aging process in hope of extending maximum life of human being is the main interest of anti-aging medicines. Although it is not yet considered a medical specialty, professionals who are dedicated to the study and prevent aging are formed in the most different areas of medicine such as Endocrinology, cardiology, Dermatology or plastic surgery.

If you are interested to know how to try to reduce or prevent the signs of the time, both in aesthetic and physiological terms, you can book a specific appointment in an antiaging clinic available in many places worldwide. In the antiaging appointments, the doctor takes into account the genetic profile of the patient and their predisposition to certain diseases, then he defines a preventive treatment customized to the patient.

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