Mistakes women make when weight training

More and more women are becoming fans of bodybuilding training, who are so proud to show their muscles like most men.

However, muscle growth process is more difficult and needs more time when it comes to women. For specific features of the female body, the much lower testosterone, an essential hormone to muscle growth, production levels require much greater effort to women than to men.

Combined with this reality, there are other factors that weigh in obtaining muscular hypertrophy that can represent problems as some mistakes that women can make while training. The training plan for each gender differs substantially

Mainly leg training

Even those who are fans of muscled bodies, women are afraid of becoming too trunked, with too prominent muscles, they tend intensely workout the lower limbs, neglecting arms and shoulders. This trend results in unbalanced body aspect, with robust and broad legs and a slenderer trunk.

Exaggerate the number of cardio class

Women usually attend more group classes. They have a tendency to take many classes with great cardio work, which is reflected in the results obtained with the weight training. Excessive cardio practice becomes harmful to those who wish increase muscle gains, as the energy expenditure that occurs in this classes does not let the body to properly recover between workouts. In addition, excess cardio exercises can raise the level of cortisol hormone, that contributes to the loss of muscle mass, and suppress hormones whose action is important to muscle gains.

Mix cardio with weight training

Women are usually like cardio activities and group classes. But when the goal is to significantly increase the size of the muscles, it is important that aerobic activities, besides not being practiced in exaggerated amount, do not coincide with the days you do weight training Practice both disciplines, but separated and reserve more energy for strength training.

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