Battle ropes: ever heard of it?

Battle ropes is the term that defines the battle of strings implies its use in physical training. Try it out!

This is one of the most recent sport mode that achieved a great popularity in gyms all over the United States of America. Ropes have been used for exercises for a long time, even if just for skipping rope. What is certain is that many athletes put this device as part of their regular training. The battle ropes has lots to offer to the world of fitness.

Training with ropes gives the body an extremely dynamic work, of great intensity, that strengthens and tones muscles, especially the upper body, torso, arms, shoulders, back and abdomen that burns about 500 calories. However, you can also increase the difficulty of the exercise, adding legs postures with flexed knees.

Imagine two thick, large and heavy ropes attached to a kind of pillar. The goal of this exercise is to grab the ropes with each hand and then do all kinds of movements. You can make movements like whipping, beating or dragging it, but the most popular form of working with these instruments is shake them in various directions making waves.

The idea is not shake them up and down, but rather create all kind of movements, for example, circulars, so that the arms are working independently of each other and so that different muscles are activated. You can mix these movements with more targeted exercises for fitness, such as crossovers.

The practice with ropes is made similarly to the interval training, since these ropes do not require a high-impact training on the part of practitioners. You must interleave the exercises with a few seconds pause, due to the intense aerobic work.

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