Five Common Fitness Myths

Every area of activity contains within itself some pretended truths which, in reality, are nothing more than myths. The world of fitness does not escape the facts that have long been held as true, but that can harm you and your workout.

Aerobics and fitness are the quickest way to lose weight

This is the biggest myth of all. The quickest way to lose weight, without which the whole exercise in the world won’t help you, is the diet. The dietary re-education is the main ally in the fight against excess fat. The exercise is a way of combating the same fat, but is especially vital for you to have a healthier life, since it prevents a series of physical and mental diseases to develop.

Abs for a flat belly

Contrary to what most people might think, it’s not the abdominal exercises that make you lose fat in the belly. Really. They can help in general, like any other exercise would, but lose the extra pounds around the belly depend on just one factor: close your mouth. Abs cause you little loss of fat in the belly area. What they do well is to tone it, but it will only be noticed after the extra fats accumulated around it have been burned, displaying the abs muscles.

The more you train, the better

The idea made that in order to lose weight or increase muscle mass you should train intensively every day of the week, and for many more hours is better, still remains among many people. This idea was very demystified by more experienced and experts in fitness. The rest plays an important role between practice sessions because the body needs to recover and do its work of regeneration, especially if it has worked extremely hard. You must make intervals between the days of training.

Running on running machine damages less your knees

This conviction of many sportsmen is nothing more than a myth. What can affect the joints is essentially the weight that these supports and its impact on the ground.

Train with weights increases the muscles

This can be true for men, but for women the story is quite another. This is one of the fitness myths that take women away from the most intense muscle work that becomes so important for women especially after the 40s. Most women are scared to do a workout with weights for fear that their body may lose the sensuality and the muscles become too visible. As they have less muscle than men, as well as substantially lower testosterone levels, women are much less prone to muscle growth, so there is no reason to be afraid.

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