German training for volume

Transform your body with the full potential of German training, a true transformer of the human machine.

This method of training, greatly used by bodybuilders, allows you to get bigger muscles quickly and is also known as GVT, or method of the ten series. The name “German training”, comes from its Germanic origins, since it was made popular by the then German national weightlifting coach, Rolf Feser.

The purpose of the creation of this method was to rapidly increase body mass of the weightlifters so they could change to a higher weight weightlifting category.

However, this is a great way to practice for all those who wish to see a significant increase in their body mass, every candidate to take this training should be prepared because it’s going to hurt a lot.

The principles of the German Volume Training are based on very intense workouts that deliver excellent results in a short time.

According to this method, the body is initially “divided” into distinct sections: chest and back; legs and abs; arms and shoulders, and only one of these three sections is worked during a training session. So, there is only three weekly workouts, with two days of rest, interspersed. Although it may seem too much time to rest, don’t forget that this is a particularly intense workout, requiring also a longer time to the body recover between sessions.

The German training consists of performing a single exercise with 10 series and 10 repetitions each, always using the same weight. When there is a large number of repetitions of a single exercise, muscle fibers until then not used, join the process to compensate for the effort done by the muscles. This results in greater strength gains and muscle volume.

Series and repetitions should be performed with a payload that represents only 50 to 60% the maximum weight that you can support, as you approach of the end of the exercises, the pain is very intense. Between each series there is a rest of about 60 seconds so that the body can recover, without compromise the remaining exercises as happens in cases where, for lack of rest, it is necessary to decrease the weight between sets. Muscle failure, the point where the body sees itself obliged to react and evolve, forcing itself to further develop muscles, should not be achieved except near the end of practice, otherwise you will not be able to complete the ten required series.

As you finish the exercises with less effort, you can increase the load.

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