Trick your muscles

Know how to “trick” your muscles and make the most of them. If you feel that your muscles are exhausted, see how to give a new boost

Trick your muscles and get them to do what you want. Try some of these strategies.


Listening to the right music can give the boost needed to keep training. It is essential to get the right music in order to ensure more energy. A calm song can take you away, on the other hand, suitable rhythms can increase your performance. Music is an important element in your training and it’s no wonder that the tracks are carefully studied depending on the type of exercises you perform.


Breathing properly while training is essential and brings numerous benefits to the body. Keep your mind calm, with a controlled breathing can cause your brain to stay calm, improving your performance, making your muscular tissues fresher.


To give extra strength to the muscles, stay well-hydrated in order to take the maximum advantage. A large percentage of muscles is composed of water, about 70 to 80%. The synthesis of proteins that occurs in the muscle cells is higher than when the body is well hydrated.


Ingest caffeine about one hour before a workout can give you that extra power to do the exercises and can mask the discomfort and muscle fatigue.


Imagine that your muscles are growing while you train, or keep this a visual image of how muscular your body will be at the end of the training plan can give you an extra boost. The power of the mind can increase your strength for a while.

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