The benefits of dates

With fabulous properties, the dates are often forgotten and should be included in your diet. Do not opt for the fried version with bacon.

You can also consume this as a dry fruit, but their benefits decrease, in this case. The ideal is to consume it “au naturel”, but don’t forget that it is still a very sweet fruit, so it is not advisable to excessive consumption. The nutritional value of dates is large and contains high doses of nutrients that you need on a daily basis, contributing generously to the daily recommended percentage. They help in the proper functioning of many of the organs and functions of the body.


With a high content of soluble and insoluble fibers, this fruit promotes healthy bowel movements, improving the health of the colon and is often recommended for relieving cases of constipation. These fibers act as a purifier of the gastrointestinal system. A healthy ingestion of this fruit can help increase the number of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Blood pressure

Containing approximately 15% of the recommended daily dosage of magnesium, dates are excellent to combat high blood pressure. Potassium, mineral in which it is even richer, is also important in the health of your arteries, so this fruit brings you some serious benefits.


The large amount of magnesium that it has is still responsible for an anti-inflammatory action that can reduce inflammation in the artery walls, benefiting the cardiovascular health.


In times when you exceed alcohol consumption, be aware that dates are one of the foods that relieve the effects of the hangovers. Consumed in the morning of the next day, it can help to avoid major hangovers.

Help in childbirth

Studies published relates the regular consumption of dried dates to go into labor a little less painful, reducing the need for inducing it and even making the process more natural. Researches published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and gynecology, suggest that women who ingested dates during the final period of pregnancy may increase the chance of a natural birth, without having to resort to a C-section, showing greater dilation on arrival at hospital.

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