Foods that increase your metabolism.

An accelerated metabolism is ideal to burn more fat. Learn what to eat to make it faster.

If your metabolic function becomes slower, it is certain that the burning of calories that your body makes will be smaller. Being the propensity for a slower, or more accelerated metabolism, also marked by the genetics of each, there are foods that can play an important role in this function.

The ideal is to eat several times a day, so that the body is always working to digest the food. When you skip meals, your metabolism becomes slower because you don’t need to spend that much energy.

Egg white

Egg whites are almost exclusively made up of protein, it is ideal to speed up metabolism. Include good sources of protein in your diet can double your metabolic rate.


Foods such as lean meats or whole grains are rich in iron, mineral that when in deficient levels in your body, can cause a slower metabolism.


Many spices used to season the food act as metabolism boosters. Pepper, ginger or turmeric are some of the examples of spices that you can use to ensure the increased speed of your metabolism. This is because they are thermogenic foods, which increase your body temperature, thus stimulating the body to burn more calories to digest them.


Caffeine contains stimulants and so must be consumed moderately, but the effect it has on the metabolism is notorious, accelerating it. Needless to say, that it must consumed pure, without sugar or milk.

Citrus fruit

The consumption of citrus fruits is also advisable if for you to keep your metabolism fast. Thanks to the large amounts of vitamin C in it, this fruits make your metabolic function less lazy.


Foods that are rich in fat acid favor the quick run of your metabolism, as it reduces production of leptin, a hormone that reduces metabolism rate. Salmon, tuna, sardines, chia seeds or nuts have high amounts of this fat acid.


Don’t forget to drink lots of water, preferably cold. The body will spend more energy to try to heat itself, thus accelerating the metabolism. If your body is dehydrated the metabolism slows down.

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