Periodization training

Have you ever heard of periodization? If not, save this term in memory, it can potentiate the effects of your physical training.

The periodization consists of exchanging exercises in a recurring manner aiming at a specific purpose. Instead of maintaining the same gym routine month after month, bet on switching it to regular physical activities.

According to this method, periods with a pre-established duration to perform certain exercises are defined. It is a kind of circuit training your body, which should be developed by your fitness coach and tailored to your specific needs.

The periodization of training will also decrease the appearance of lesions, once the body has the opportunity to adapt progressively to the exercises.

The periodization of training can be divided into several phases, each of them with a specific goal to achieve. For example, for a few weeks you can do a resistance-oriented workout, followed in the next weeks of a muscle-building or muscle-building training, and so on. Depending on the desired objectives, the duration of each training program, can be shorter or longer.

With the method of periodization, the body is stimulated at each new stage to resort to the use of different muscle fibers that would not be required if the program followed was always the same. This results in an effective way to provide greater stimulus to the body and to a constant progression of strength, stamina and muscle mass increase.

Some of the following variables can be set in order to enhance your training, for example: the total load normally used, the number of sets or reps that you usually perform for each exercise; the rest period that usually make between exercises or between each training session or the speed that you usually perform the exercises.

Studies carried out by Journal of Marine and Science Engineering indicate a strength training with periodization to yield better results than a normal strength training that is not subject to this method.

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