Forbidden exercises for back pain

Do you have back problems? Does your spine not withstand more demanding efforts? Fear nothing! We have the list of types of training that should not do if you suffer from it.

The practice of physical exercises is recommended in all ages and even in the face of some diseases. Performed with due care in the event of physical or health limitations, a sport can relieve pain and symptoms. A good example of this are the back pain, often caused by a weak musculature, which stabilizes not conveniently the spine and so incorrect postures adopts pain causing.

This pain may be worse if you do not practice the sport indicated or do not perform the exercises properly. Thus, there are certain moves that can be especially harmful to your back and you must at avoid when you’re in a gym class. Abdominal exercises are the ones that you can give greater scope for undue efforts.

Leg lifts

Some exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles are effected through the lifting of both legs together, starting from a position lying on your back. This is an exercise that requires great strength and most likely get part of that strength on its back, which harms and can worsen the pain.


If you are offered this type of abs in your class, ask the teacher to propose an alternative to the movement, they usually are the first to suggest a more comfortable. People who don’t have a lot of abdominal strength tend to use the muscles of the hips to lift and increase the pressure on the discs of the spine. Stay away from them.


Once again, if you are unable to perform this movement perfectly, avoid it. Planks require a large force and easily the effort of the body is transferred to where it’s not supposed to, the back. The option chosen by many of the students is to run planks with both knees on the ground.


Squats by themselves are a great exercise, however, most people are running it wrongly, rounding their back, so that these may become harmful to people suffering from back pain. If you can perform the squats upright, continue to make them, otherwise look for an alternative exercise.


All kinds of exercises involving jumps are bad for people suffering from back pain. Choose to carry them out in a more moderate, without the jump. High-impact activities affect everyone´s back.


This is one of the worst activities you can do for your back by the high impact that cause, as they put a huge tension on them. Especially if it is performed on a hard surface, running is not recommended for a weaker back.

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