The most common mistakes of those who workout

To make correct and efficient training requires a good knowledge of the body, the techniques and instruments used to workout.

There are some mistakes everybody do when they train and that are common to all practitioners, regardless of your level of experience. These errors can jeopardize the results that you hope to get to from the workout as well as your safety over the same.

Skip the warm up

Even an inexperienced sportsman knows that warm up exercises are essential before starting training, but as you evolve into your training plan, some more advanced level may incur the temptation to skip them. This is a dangerous mistake that can cause injury, in addition to diminish the effectiveness of the training.

Increase weight too fast

Strength is increased slowly and not from one minute to the next. The increased weight exercises should be done gradually and not suddenly. When the load you lift becomes comfortable, the tendency of many people is to make a significant increase in weight, which can cause serious injury. Besides, by using too heavy weights at all costs, without being prepared to do so, may make them difficult to handle, causing repetitions properly done.

Insufficient effort

As increasing the weight too early is incorrect, the opposite also applies. Training with low weights and not increase the load will get you nowhere. Use light weight or not increase it when justified prevents you from progressing in muscle growth, because the body does not feel challenged taking longer to build muscle mass.

Don’t combine goals intended with the training performed

The training effects may have different objectives: increased strength, balance or muscle hypertrophy. Although, when you start training a general fitness program is used, as the practice goes on, you set specific goals. To obtain excellent results, you should make sure the exercises that you perform are best suited to each of these goals. The number of repetitions to make, for example, are established depending on the intended goals. The techniques and training plans should serve to optimize them.

Repetitive exercises

Perform the same exercises, especially if these began to bring good results, is one of the most common mistakes of athletes. But as it evolves in practice must introduce variations on the same, although subtle. These small changes allow you to continue to make progress in training and take the body further.

Expect results too soon

Exaggerated expectations that the results you get with the practice can lead to a too intense workout that will result in muscle fatigue and minor progression of training and a subsequent demotivation.

The importance of food

The nutritional plan that you follow is one of the most important factors for your training to be successful, leave it to a secondary plan is a mistake that will make it harder to achieve the objectives. A careful and specific diet for the effect enhances the results of your workout.

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