Let’s try an aqua challenge?

If you think fitness in an aquatic environment is not challenging enough, we will show you something better than that. Get to know the aqua challenge .

Sports practiced in swimming pools, except swimming or water polo, can make many people concerned about its effectiveness. A water aerobics class, for example, is often seen as a sport lazy people. A kind of minor physical activity category, in which the results of its practice are much less evident in your body than any of those others performed “on the ground”. But the skeptics can no longer complain: aqua challenge shows that practicing sports in the water can be as or even more effective to define your body. With it, fitness enters directly into the pool.

As interval training, aqua challenge combines high intensity exercises with smoother moments that allow its practitioner to recover a little bit breath. This mode combines very demanding exercises which comes from swimming, gymnastics and water polo, with other more relaxing, such as swimming calmly around the pool.

And that is the challenge? It constitutes the main part of the lesson and in very intense repetition of the exercises performed during the same and that arise in the form of challenge, proposed by the instructors. Here students are encouraged to make the most of your effort. Performing the exercises in the shortest possible time or getting a large number of repetitions.

Aqua challenge lessons last about 50 minutes and they all start with warm-up exercises. During the lesson are introduced several appliances, its uses are optional, but they help to increase the resistance of the exercises, such as shin guards, weights for your arms or small, floating boards.

These lessons, if practiced with proper intensity, can make you burn up to 450 calories per hour, being a precious ally in weight loss. In addition, they improve substantially your cardiorespiratory and muscular resistance, as well as hand-eye coordination.

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