Gain muscle mass while… resting

Train is as important as rest. Learn how to increase your muscle mass levels while resting.

Work out in the gym, pump iron, sweat out. Do everything and a little more your muscles, to make what is left really shredded. Move, move, move. This is what bodybuilders imagine when they think of cultivating more and more of their body. But in fact, as important as making one giant exercise load is. … resting That’s right: resting is very important to gain muscle mass.

After each exercise session, muscles get sore spots. Small tears in its tissue, secretions of chemical regenerators, tiny sprains, fatigue… The list of sequels is huge. And, of course, the greater the stress and the exercise overload are, more your muscle strength will suffer.

It is here that resting becomes essential: rest allows muscle to go into its automatic and natural process of self-regeneration. It is recommended that you wait, at least, 48 hours until the next practice session, and ideally extend the rest period up to 72 hours. Sleep 8 hours a night, neither more nor less, is also an excellent method to increase muscle mass.

Still, you might also want to point out that the word “rest” should not be taken literally. Other, less aggressive physical activities, such as yoga or Pilates can assist in increasing muscle flexibility, as well as making the return to the gym to less difficult.

No rest has harmful effects for the musculature in particular and health in general. If you do not rest, as well as prevent energy from recharging, lack of rest also decreases the incidence of hormones that promote muscle growth, reduces levels of testosterone and promotes the catabolic processes, which destroys muscle fibers.

So, the next time you train, don’t overdo the load and fulfill this resting plan.

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