The benefits of squats

The squats are the stars of any fitness workout. Learn why!

To obtain a well worked and strong body, squats exercises cannot be missed in any training plan, either made with or without added weight. Athletes usually use them to keep in shape and to intensify training for preparation of competitions. Do squats hurt, but the benefits obtained are unique.

General strength gain

Squats although made with the legs, strengthen the entire body. When performed in the correctly and with propper posture, these exercises involve multiple muscles work zones: waist, hips, abdomen, lower back, not to mention the obvious glutes. A stronger body is less prone to injury. In addition, with more strength, all daily tasks gets easier.

Increases strength in the legs

Although squats strengthen the entire body, thighs, legs and glutes are the more strengthened areas with this type of exercise. Even not using weights and only the weight of the body, they are extremely effective in getting strong and well defined legs .

Stiff legs and glutes.

All these exercises will result in the hardening of the thighs, legs and glutes. The reduction of sagging, depending on the intensity and frequency of training, is one of the most notorious and immediate results of squats.


To do this exercise, especially with weights, is necessary to maintain a correct posture throughout the exercise, otherwise you can fall. As you insist in this kind of training, you learn to balance better and have a more correct posture.

Chest expansion

Any physical exercise increases and improves the respiratory capacity and cardiovascular health: squats are no exception. Also in this case to obtain certain benefits it is necessary to perform the moves in the right way: while you flex the knees and bends, inspire; and when you get up, exhale.

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