Neural Adaptation training. Do you know what it is?

The nervous system plays an essential role in strength training. Get to know the neural adaptation training.

The nervous system, responsible for everything that happens in your body, it is also a determining factor in physical training as it is the one that fits correctly activate muscle groups involved in each effort you make. That’s why neural adaptation training is so important.

Brains before muscles

The first adjustments that your body makes when it is subjected to a strength training are made at the neural functions and not the muscles. They are the main responsible for strength gains obtained at the beginning of practice, and should be taken into account when it draws up a training plan. It is based on this assumption that the neural adaptation-oriented training.

A training based on neural adaptation works with the fact that strength training causes changes in the nervous system – neural adaptations – that precede and enhance the morphological adaptations.

Neural adaptations are responsible for the improved intermuscular coordination, increasing the activation of the muscles and allowing more muscle fibers are recruited when force is exerted.

These adaptations occur when there is a change in the electrical activity in the muscle that goes on to recruit more fibers that produce more power. This is a form of training that provides strength quickly and effectively.

Greater speed and effectiveness in muscle increase

According to top athletic trainer Christian Thibadeau, the benefits of a neural adaptation training workout are many, and among them are increased release of the hormones that help build muscles, deliver more nutrients to the cells Muscles, improving workforce capacity, stimulating to a greater increase, faster recovery after exercise. According to Thibadeau, this is the best method to quickly increase earnings at the same time increasing the recoverability.

Also, according with the comments of Hakinnen, published in 1985, neural adaptation that the nervous system performs as a result of strength training, results in an increase of motor units recruited, the frequency of activation of these units and the reduction of the activity of the antagonist muscle groups to the movement that is to be executed.

When you abuse of strength training, you are also abusing your nervous system. It gets sold out and is not able to respond in the same way as if it were fresh. A neural adaptation oriented training allows the body to recover more easily even if you continue to train.

The training consists of alternating explosive exercises for the upper part, the lower part of the body, carried out in not more than 20-minute circuit. The idea is to maintain a high performance of exercises within the circuit.

This type of training is not just for the younger ones. Studies published by McArdle, in 2007, found out that older population also benefits from a strength training as opposed to a merely cardio workout. Once again, the neural adaptations have proved to be essential, in this age group, according to the author, “a particularly important role in improving the strength and muscular power of the elderly”.

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