You can stimulate creativity

As they say, quality takes work.

If someone tries to convince you that creativity is a brilliant quality that only few lucky people have, don’t believe it. Every single person is born with creative spark. It all depends on training. But if you’re desperate for a bit of creativity, we’ll give you some tips.

You have a silly idea? Well, use it!

The best ideas are often those which, at first, seem nonsense. Better give it a try. If, in the end, it doesn’t work, at least the experience remains and, next time, you’ll know what to do otherwise.

Actions before uncertainty

Usually we are our own great obstacles. Therefore, start working before self-censorship.

That’s the only way to create freely – without internal or external interferences.

Mix what’s unmixable

Sometimes the great paradoxes are, indeed, the combinations that make perfect sense. Take a chance.

Borrow some ideas

Please stop: you know that there’s no such thing as a totally original idea. If it seems so, we can guarantee you that someone, somewhere already had it, but probably employed it differently. So, don’t be afraid to peak and old idea and apply it to your area. It may work better than you expected.

Face your fears

Do you feel uncomfortable in some area? Perfect: that’s where you need to invest. When we face things we fear, our brain reacts in a totally unexpected and inventive way. It’s almost certain that you’ll surprise yourself with your unknown ability to cope with some situations.


Did you know that bras were invented to destroy the use of the corset? If destroying something old, in a creative way, you may have an innovative idea that will solve your problem.

Fail, make mistakes, try again!

Failure is underrated in contemporary western society. But, indeed, the best way to learn, is through failing. So, even if you make a mistake, you’ll learn from that, and in future experiences, you’ll avoid that same mistake

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