Tips for public speaking skills

Even if you have to make that presentation, things may not be so hard. See the methods in public speaking and make success among colleagues.

Those moments before an important speech or that crucial meeting, everything seems exceptionally difficult and the golden moment will absorb your whole life at that point. It will be like all your existence resumes to that miserable public speaking performance that, when closely analyzed, it won’t appear as huge as it might seem – but the mere fact of having to speak in public torments you. Anyway, there are alternatives to relief this suffering. Give them a shot.

Calm down

Yes, yes, we know that it is not easy to forget that you will speak to an audience. But relativize: it is not the most important thing in the world, and indeed, if you are relaxed, it will work just fine.

Before you start, rehearse

Put up a set at home, if necessary. Pretend you’re talking to dozens of people, even if you only have a white wall in front of you. Get to know your weaknesses, notice every single time the speech becomes trembling and repeat the process again and again until you manage the subject like no one else.

Film yourself

When rehearsing, do not be afraid to record your performance, even if only with your phone. After the test, you’ll be able to realize what have failed, what have worked better and even that annoying tick that you insist on doing, even if unconsciously.

Don’t be monotonous

Don’t talk as if you’re reading a drug leaflet. Chant phrases, especially those ideas that you consider the most important. Talk to people, almost as if you were telling a story to friends, engage your audience.

Do not be afraid to look ridiculous

A well-known technique is to imagine your audience is just a lettuce field. But make a joke about yourself, even if it’s something very subtle, it might relieve tension and may reduce expectations, at the same time that can help the audience to connect to you more closely.

Focus on the eyes of people

Do not gaze at the empty, or else no one will engage with your words. Try to look at one person at a time, speaking directly to her, without fear of confrontation.

Speak up and try to be as clear as possible

If you speak very low and “swallow” words, you will likely lose the attention of your audience. Keep in mind your voice projection so it never happens.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

If a joke doesn’t work as expected or if an experiment involving other people fails, what’s the worst that can happen? There is no reason to be discouraged in public speaking: grab the point of interest where you went lost and proceed with the presentation.

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