The Glamping trend

How about camping, but with glamour? Learn all about the art of glamping.

The concept of glamping is already a success abroad for some time, where is booming. However, this form of camping is still not very common practice in European countries, despite being one of the most recent bets of nature tourism.

Glamping is particularly sought by those who like to be in the middle of nature, but without the discomfort usually associated with the act of camping. The origins of Glamping date back to super-luxury safaris, either European or American, in African lands in the early 20th century, there are many movies set in these locations that portrait this reality.

The word glamping come from the fusion of the glamour and camping expressions. After getting to know the origin of this word, it is not difficult to imagine what it would be like to stay in a tent, but with all the comforts of a hotel room, with more creative decoration than just your nested bags in the corner due to lack of space, as in a common tent, with several extra services that are not available in a common campsite.

Glamping practitioners have an experience that is two-in-one: they are literally in the middle of nature, beholding and experiencing it, but with the comfort of a sophisticated space, with access to technology and other services.

The costs vary widely. For example, in Portugal, there are about twelve different locations you can go, pricing varies between 35 € and 130 € per night, depending on the sumptuousness of the selected tent.

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