Let’s do some sandboarding?

Going down slopes on a longboard at high speed doens’t happen exclusively on snow. YouHot shows you everything about sandboarding.

If you thought snowboarding was the only sport where you could go down a hill in high speed, know that you can also do in sand dunes. Sandboarding is one of several extreme sport and was born in Florianopolis, Brazil. Using a board similar to the used in snowboarding, practitioners go down sand dunes, instead of the traditional snowy surfaces, where they perform radical maneuvers.

But it wasn’t always like this. At the beginning, the boards used to go down the dunes were pieces of wood and cardboard, that later were upgraded to the material today used in the manufacture of boards for any sport: carbon fiber.

The practice of sandboarding uses a series of stunts performed either in surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding. This was created by a Brazilian surfer who, while waiting for good conditions for surfing, began to go down the high sand dunes that exist in the country, using pieces of paper or wood. Places where the cold water prevents the practice of some sports, sandboarding is one of the most chosen alternatives to other extreme sports.

The number of sandboarders (as the practitioners of this extreme sport are called) has been increasing year after year, and the locations where it is most practiced include Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, United States and some African countries.

There are four existing competitions of this extreme sport: big air, where the winner is who performs the most radical maneuver; boardcross, the athletes take an obstacle course and who comes first wins; slalom like events in the snow, competitors have to work around flags and wins who first complete the course; and finally stop style, an obstacle course that athletes compete performing maneuvers

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