How to have a peaceful digestion

Learn about some foods that help in proper functioning of the digestive system. Discover the secrets for perfect digestion.

There are few things worse than a bad digestion after a heavy meal. Still, it’s always good to know that there are foods capable of improving gastric health, while they satiate the appetite and taste for gastronomy. Discover some examples of foods that will give you a holy digestion.

Fibers, a lot of fibers

Cereals or wholegrain bread are just a few of the many foods filled with fibers that will help you better digest meals. Not only speeding up the digestive process in the stomach, but also because they are extremely effective in preventing constipations.

Drink water

Keep yourself hydrated help the production of digestive juices throughout the course of food, from the intake to the expulsion. In addition, water also plays a key role in softening food, making them more easily digestible.

Avoid fat and spicy

The stomach doesn’t like spicy or fatty foods, since they assault it and make the digestive processes more difficult. It is not uncommon that, after ingesting foods with these properties you may feel stomachaches and other discomforts.

Dairy products: Do not exaggerate

The fat present in these foods are extra work to the digestive system. In times of more delicate health, it is not recommended that drink milk or eat yogurt precisely because of this problem: for having difficulty digesting them, the intestinal tract tries to expel them at all costs, causing diarrhea and dehydration leading to even greater risks. Still, it is advisable to keep the focus on yoghurts, by having many bacteria to help the digestive processes and maintenance of intestinal flora

Alcohol: no go

Drinking too much inflames and irritates the stomach walls, causing delays in the natural process of digestion. Try to be ruled on the amounts of alcoholic beverages that you ingest.

Bet on white meat

For having less fat than red meat, chicken and turkey are much easier to digest, less heavy duty for the stomach and healthier for all the body.

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