How to lose weight after the 40s

You know that as you get older, it gets harder and harder to lose weight.

The main reason for it is the naturally slow down of the metabolism over the age as a result of the decrease in hormone levels.

The greater your muscle mass, the faster you can burn fat and the reverse also applies. Therefore, and since women from 40s lose muscle mass quickly, they also loose their ability to burn calories considerably.

And what must be done so this tendency will be reversed or at least controlled?

All women above 40 years old should introduce changes in their food in order to remain stylish, and above all, healthy.

Fewer calories

One of the first measures to be taken is to reduce the daily consumption of calories.

It is necessary to realize that you can’t eat the same quantities of food or the same number of calories. Moderate your intake of calories.


Protein rich foods will give a boost to your metabolism. The amino acids from the protein are used by your body to build muscle tissue, increasing also the burning of calories. Choose, so a diet with healthy proteins. The ideal will be 20 or 30 grams each meal.

Vary your protein sources

Eggs, white meat, dairy products are all healthy and excellent sources of protein. But if you get this nutrient only from animal sources, your loss of muscle mass may even increase. Choose to switch with other protein rich foods, like the leguminous.


Fiber consumption should, at any age, be high, but from 40 on, bet even more fiber rich products.

Strength training

The exercise is almost a requirement to this age group. Especially strength training, at least two to three times a week, to prevent loss of muscle mass. It is important to add to this training some cardio activity, you can burn more calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

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