What makes emotionally intelligent people

Emotional intelligence acquires increasing importance in our lives. Check out what to do in order to be a special person.

After decades spent focusing on the cognitive aspects of intelligence, the world of emotions finally begins to gain importance.

Emotional intelligence was, until not long ago, relegated to the background and most people don’t know their true importance nor cared to develop it.

The world is characterized increasingly having more and more fragile or damaged relationships. Mankind are social animals, relations we are able to establish play a key role in our lives, that is fundamental to our psychological and physical wellness. The great difficulty we seem to have to manage them makes essential that we focus on perfecting our emotional intelligence.

People who have a high emotional intelligence tend to have a set of habits and attitudes that indicate this ability.

They are aware of their feelings

An emotionally intelligent person is highly conscious of himself and his emotions, knowing how to identify them correctly.

They change

Knowing that the change is part of life, these people adapt easily and have no fear to changes when required.

Regulate their emotions

Emotionally intelligent individuals control their emotions. It is not the same as to repress emotions, but to best suit them to most varied situations.

They are great readers of facial expressions and body postures

This is a silent language that the emotionally intelligent decode accurately.

They are available to talk and to explore their emotions with others

These people are empathic, and available to connect to others, not hiding theirs and embracing other´s emotions.

They can you identify the cause of emotions

A high emotional intelligence allows you to identify precisely what are the reasons that trigger certain emotions.

They can you express their emotions

This is a skill that these people have. They can express their feelings in a correctly and assert way.

They are not perfectionists

These people know that perfection is impossible, as they don´t panic when success is not achieved. Instead, they learn with the frustrations.

They are naturally curious.

This is a striking feature of the emotionally intelligent people. Curiosity move them as they like to explore the world, whether internally or externally.

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