Encourage the well-being of your children

As the twig is bent, so the tree is inclined, right?

Often, adults tend to discard children’s emotions. As they say, children still do not understand the world so it’s not worth trying to explain anything to them. However, that is the worst mistake. The truth is that the physical well-being is as important as the emotional state for the healthy growth of children.

Emotional stability is a key factor in the successful development of your child. It gives him the reassurance that, in case something goes wrong, there will be immediate and unconditional support, that it will help him through any trouble and be there when he’s ready to return to the fight. For this to happen, there must be a constant but, never too invasive presence, a healthy and stimulating environment and an encouraging to take action and to the child’s resilience.

Another experts’ suggestion lies in the fact that children should not be overprotected, but cherished when they have to face frustration. This will help them being more positive and to realize that life is full of unexpected but always solvable events. The anxiety caused by the possibility of failure, at any age, is no good for mental health and could lead to unnecessary stress or even depression.

The social well-being is also a very important matter in a child development. The ability to create a network of friends or acquaintances, demonstrating all its creative and work/play skills with others, as well as the skills to keep them (or not, because disappointment will also help kids to interpret signs in the future) are the most valued factors by experts.

Another advice from psychologists is related with the encouragement to creativity and appreciation of children for who they are, not for who their parents want them to be.

The most important of all is to give children maximum stability and security in their natural environment, for emotional self-confidence. This kid will certainly become a strong, confident and psychologically stable adult.

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