Allow your children to make mistakes

Children have to make mistakes in order to learn. So, let them fall so they know to get up.

What most parents want, above all, is always to protect their children. Any one of us would like that your son could learn without pain. But that is impossible. This does not mean that children should subject to large avoidable suffering, but sometimes we should let them act as they want, in order to learn from experience what they should or should not do. Mistakes can help them learn.

As long as their physical integrity is not severely threatened, we must, sometimes, let them free, so they can learn to take responsibility for their actions. We should let them fail, but safely. Making mistakes is part of the life of the human being. The important thing is that we can learn from these mistakes. By trying to protect our kids too much, or by trying to avoid that they fail at anything, we’re taking them the important resilience and cope with the frustrations skills.

If, for example, your son made a mistake in homework, it might not be a bad idea not to fix it so he can have a better grade. You may occasionally leave the error pass, so the teacher can correct it. This will help him to understand that he also makes mistakes. In the worst case, if the mistake was a distraction, next time he will pay greater concentration. Several researches indicates that children who make mistakes have their learning capacity increased.

Whether in school, making friends or learning a new sport, is the error that causes children to really learn. This way, they will develop resilience to try to address the problem on the other side and will have motivation to try a new approach. The current educational methods promote compliment to the effort instead of simple compliment of the natural capacity of children.

While a children make mistakes and learn, the unconditional love of their parents must be an unshakable truth in their life. Many kids insist on perfection, afraid of making mistakes as a way to avoid that parents get disappointed with them. Make them know that even if they make mistakes, you will continue to love them more than anything.

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