Have the most beautiful shoulders

Not only from beautiful arms and legs women live. Well-defined shoulders not only beautify the body as can make clothes more elegant.

Firm and strong shoulders are no longer men exclusive. These days’ women also like to have shoulders, or deltoids, well developed, instead of stunted aspect that has been fashioned. Shoulders want to be well designed, preferably the width of the hips as perfect bodies canons rule out.

At home you can easily train this muscle group, and you only need a few free weights. You can use as weights, for example, bottles filled with water

Lateral elevation

This is one of the most common exercises for training shoulders. Standing with legs apart at the waist, hold a weight in each hand. The exercise is very simple and consists of only to raise your arms, completely stretched out, at the same time up to the level of the shoulders. Repeat several times.

You can also perform a similar exercise in a seated position with the upper body slightly inclined on the legs. Lift the weights as described earlier.

Front elevation

Standing with legs apart at the waist, hold a weight in each hand. This time the weight lifting is done with the arm stretched forward, not to the side. Instead of making the elevation of both arms at the same time, switch between one arm and the other.


This is perhaps one of the most characteristic movements of who trains shoulders, as it is very efficient in developing deltoids. Rowing exercises can be done in various ways and in different positions, but the more classic is the next. You will need a free weight in each hand.

Stand up with your shoulders apart at waist width, slightly project your hips back and bend your knees. Lean slightly forward, keeping your back and neck aligned. Taking on both the weights at the same time, bring them up to the line of the chest trying to close as possible to the shoulder blades. Do several repetitions.

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