How to date someone who has children

If you’re in love with someone who already has children, learn how to live the relationship.

There’s nothing to fear if you find out that the person you fell in love with has children. After all, in certain ages that is more than likely. But this is, undoubtedly, a different relationship from the others that both were involved while single that need a certain amount of maturity. To live a relationship where only one of the partners have kids can be a challenge for those who are more jealous or possessive, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. These are some of the aspects that you must take into account:

The kids are always the priority of parents, even if they are single. It doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a romantic relationship or that single parents aren´t capable of loving another person, but in certain situations it is inevitable that children are placed above you.

Don’t get frustrated if your plans get did not work. It is very normal for this to happen, since kids don’t choose when to get sick or when you have to go get them somewhere suddenly or when they bring unexpected or difficult homework.

Get used to the idea that the former companions will forever be part of the life of your loved ones. This is inevitable, except cases when the ex-partner died or doesn’t care, there will be almost daily contact. Try to put the ideas in place and accepted peacefully this inescapable fact.

Do not demand to meet the children too soon. Conscious parents begin a relationship slowly and see how it develops. There is no need to expose children to relationships that can be short or that may not work, risking them to attach to someone who they will “lost”, suffering another separation.

You will probably fall in love with two people, instead of one. Actually, it will be at least two people, if not more, into your life. As you get to know the children, the chances are falling in love with them too. If the relationship results in separation, you will probably suffer double.

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