How to be friend of your ex

Why break up badly when it can end well? Learn how to maintain a healthy relationship with an ex.

If after finishing a relationship, nothing holds you to your ex-partner and you do not want to be his friend, there is no problem. But if on the contrary, your former soul mate is also the father of your children, the situation is completely different.

For everyone´s good, the ideal is that the relationship is at least cordial, if not friends. Everyone’s life is benefited and your children will appreciate. It is true that this challenge can become a very difficult exercise patience, especially when there are still romantic feelings on the former couple.

Worth a try, however. Your children will be happier and will not grow in that climate of hatred and anger, like many other ex-couples.

Stipulate how life with the children will be. How long they will be with each one, in what house, how deliveries and pickups will be done. This is a major cause of discord between former couples, who use the children to create a battlefield.

You don’t need to give explanations about your personal life – be open and actively communicate everything that concerns the children, but let your personal life aside. Your ex is no longer part of your love life, you must remove him from it. With some delicacy, of course.

If he’s one of those elusive parents, give him a hand and encourage him to be with his children. Explain to him that it is very important that the children feel that he is part of their lives, that he cares about them and protects them. Propose activities to do with your kids.

Live with your ex occasionally and congratulate him on special occasions, like birthday and Christmas. Be friendly, so you can have an edifying relationship.

Remind your kids to buy gifts in festive occasions, encourage them to talk with their father regularly, if possible on a daily basis, so he can feel important in the children lives.

Even if it costs lot to you, make this effort and see that your children will grow up happier.

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