Don’t let the passion run away

If you think love ends with the routine, think again.

It may be the routines, or the kids, it might even be laziness or life in general the are meddling, shorting the space of love until it eventually disappears. However, much can still be done for your relationship so the couple’s time don’t fall in the doldrums or result in a separation. There are many things you can do to save the relationship and go back to dating time. Here are some suggestions.

Remembering is living

Chat, save a couple of minutes with your beloved one and remind yourselves the reasons you’re together. What were the first moments, the first events that started your involvement? You might find that the hidden flame is still alive.

Hug each other

It doesn’t take much time: 20 seconds, at least, every day, help you to relax and feel the thrill of being close to the human being who decided to spend a good portion of your life.

Clear the bedroom

Family photographs, television, mobile phones, any source of distraction or impediment to the libido and should not be in the place where love happens. Spend more time as a couple, even in silence, just staring at each other.

No love letters anymore?

Write it. Surprise your better half with a romantic letter written by hand and make sure that he or she gets it in the most unexpected way.

The habits are killing the romance

OK, this may not be true all the times, but a most people like a certain amount of unpredictability. The surprise starts passions and ensures a new life to love: try it!

Set a date

Teen times are over, and probably both of you have forgotten what it’s like to feel those butterflies in the stomach when you see the other in distance. Set a date in a place you’ve never been and you may fall in love again.

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