Reasons that lead women to end a relationship

Even loving the partner, many women choose to end the relationship that unites them. Find out what the reasons behind this decision.

Even without cheating or physically or emotionally abusive relationships, women can end a romantic relationship even loving her partner. The main reasons why this happens involves loneliness and lack of recognition.

Absent partner

An absent companion, not referring to physical distance, but to emotional distance, is one of the main reasons why women get disappointed and choose to end a romantic relationship. A partner who don’t care for what happens in her daily life, that don’t have time for her can be the beginning of the end. If the relationship is characterized by physical distance, attention becomes even more important. Not having the partner´s attention is the least tolerated thing by women in a romantic relationship.

They do not feel appreciated

When a woman feels that she does not please her partner, whether is a justified or not idea, she tends to diminish her feelings. Women enjoy the intimacy and affection, and although sex is important for many, other aspects of intimacy have more weigh than this. Women like to feel desired, and if there is a lack of desire of the man stretches in time, women may find that it is not worth prolonging the relationship.


This is one of the main factors that weigh in the decision of women to leave their companions. When they feel very alone, women tend to close themselves and when you see it, it is too late. They need to feel they have importance in the life of the partner, and that are loved. A constant lack of attention, which may even be inadvertent, will likely make a woman give up the relationship.

Different directions

When life begin to take opposite directions, women are the first to end a romantic relationships if she does not feel adequately supported by their partners. Once again the feeling of recognition they desire from the partner speaks louder and can dictate the end of the relationship.

Too much time with friends

Logically that a healthy relationship goes through spending some time with friends, and there’s no harm in doing it separately. After all, it is not necessary that the couple live always glued together. But, as with everything, there should not exaggeration. If the man continuously spend more time with friends than with his partner, she certainly will ends the relationship.

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