TRX: Intense physical exercise has a new methodology

The TRX is a form of suspension training that combines strength and flexibility.

Practiced in suspension, having as support a elastic system, which can also be made of ropes or cables, TRX is an acronym for Total Resistance Exercise, an alternative for those looking for an intense workout without having to use the usual gym machines, dumbbells or bars.

At TRX, these instruments aren’t used to strengthen the muscles. On the contrary, in a suspension training, the body weight is used as work instrument. As a total resistance exercise, its goal is to develop physical strength, using functional movements and dynamic positions. The idea is to hang the body and work against gravity, using a suspension system.

This training system was created by former U.S. Navy Seal,  who wished to keep in shape when he was deployed to missions and had no access to equipment or gyms. Composed by a set of elastics attached to the ceiling, this type of exercise causes a great instability in the body, precisely for being suspended and unbalanced, making it difficult to perform the exercises. The stimuli received by muscles are also quite different from usual forms of the traditional fitness, making these muscles to develop in another way, using a stronger action of muscle fibers.

If the balance and force used are not correct, the elastics will be permanently swinging, not allowing the body to strengthen as expected. TRX exercises should be performed slowly, because the longer the muscles are taut, the greater the increase in strength will be.

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