Migraine: it’s like a curse

When a headache seems to be the end of the world.

Migraine is one of the biggest adversities in daily life, especially for those who spend their days in the city. Although the causes are yet unknown, physiologically, scientists believe that the overflow of blood affects the brain nerves, causing discomfort and agony almost impossible to tolerate. In extreme cases, migraines can cause nausea, vomiting and irregular sensitivity to lights and noises.

Migraines go through four distinct phases: the preliminary phase, known as prodromal, which starts hours before the headache settles and the most common symptoms are irritability, uncommon thirst and irregular craving for certain foods; the aura, feel stinging skin, hypersensitivity to light and even, sometimes, struggle to communicate with others; the attack phase, usually pulsatile; and finally, the resolution phase, or postdrome, where people normally experience extreme fatigue and dizziness.

However, there are ways to eliminate the possibility and the settle of migraine or prevent in a natural way and without need to take drugs. First, if you start to feel headaches, you may want to find a quiet place in the dark, or low light, and apply extreme temperatures in the back of the head and neck, hot or cold, as you feel better. It is also suggested to drink a coffee or tea in small dosages, both caffeinated, but without overdoing it. Also try to sleep regular hours every night, but if you have a migraine, do not take a nap.

Another important point when you have a migraine is to minimize the distractions: the harder you push your brain, the worse you will feel. Eat properly and don’t skip meals; the more irregular your diet is, the more the body resents itself. Also, when going through this ache you should avoid chocolate, cheese and alcohol.

To prevent further migraine in the future, try to avoid stressful situations by taking some time to relax during office hours and make time – at least 20 minutes – for exercising and release energy.

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