Truths about Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance for us to have healthy teeth and gums.

Perfect Teeth are only possible if you keep daily rituals of good oral hygiene. There are some facts that you must internalize in order to have a healthy mouth.

Acidic foods cause tooth decay

The acidic foods must be consumed in moderation, as they damage the outer layer of the tooth, the enamel, which is weakened and more prone to cavities. Their intake increases the action of the acid produced by bacteria in the mouth and that cause cavities.

Oral hygiene is essential in the prevention of cavities

Brushing the teeth, at least twice daily, flossing and rinsing with mouthwashes is the essential daily routine that can prevent cavities. All the steps are equally important in maintaining the health of your teeth. For your health, don’t skip any of the steps.

There are foods that help clean your teeth

It’s true. There are foods that have a higher cleaning action in relation to other: they are apples, carrots, cucumbers, gingers and other raw vegetables, by cleaning the surface of the teeth during chewing. Obviously that its action is just a complement.

Cavities mainly appear between teeth

The most prone areas to tooth decay are between teeth where food scraps are stored because the brush can not get there. For this fact, is so important flossing, as it can remove them from these spaces.

Brushing teeth before bed is the most important

You should brush your teeth several times a day, but before going to sleep, you should redouble care. By spending many hours with the still mouth, the temperature inside increases, saliva production decreases and there is a proliferation of bacteria causing caries.

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