Healthy Snacks to lose weight

Do you want to go on a diet, but are unwilling to completely leave all that is detrimental to weight loss? You are very right.

It is proven to eat less healthy and high-calorie foods, even when trying to lose kilos is beneficial at all levels. It is not the physical level and the point of view of fulfilling the chosen diet, but also for your psychological wellbeing is beneficial to commit a little sin occasionally. Making a snack can be an important tool for the weight you want to lose, because it keeps the metabolism working regularly.

If you have the habit of making snacks, do not hold out and continue doing them, as they may even benefit from it, but opt for some more healthy as sesame seeds, for example.

Oatmeal with fruit

No one is saying that you have permission to eat harmful and high caloric snacks. Always opt for healthier versions of food, if you want to always be nibbling. A mixture of oatmeal with fruit gives you great doses of fiber and vitamins. Eat them in small portions throughout the day.


One of the superfoods can also be turned into snack. Mash the avocado and spread it on small integrals toast. It Is one of the best snacks you can eat.

Seafood pate with poached eggs

Here is a pate that gives you protein and enough energy for the day. Make this pate and keep it in the fridge. Then just spread it in integral toast or eat it with a spoon.

Carrot sticks

This is one of the best snacks to take to the beach, for example. If you miss to bite things, at least do it in a healthy way. Raw carrots take a long time to chew and keep it busy longer. You can also soak them in a thin seasoned yogurt sauce if you prefer.

Peanut butter

From time to time you can use this butter in one of your daily snacks. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, this butter is a healthy, but caloric ingredient.

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