Differences between immature and mature relations

The difference between mature and immature love relationship begins often by the way they fell in love.

It doesn’t mean it’s a rule, but a mature relation progresses more slowly and the partners an aware of their feelings. On the other side we find the relationships that start with an astonishing love, that then becomes hard to follow and that lead to early decisions.

Fast versus slow

Of course there are relationships that begin with strong passions and that can be maintained and grow healthily, but as a general rule, a mature relationship requires time for the partners to know themselves relatively well, aspect that will dictate their feelings for each other. Immature relations are enemies of wander and want to quickly consummate their passion and if possible get married as soon as possible. While a mature relationship come in quietly, while in an immature relationship tends to dive head-first.

Doubts versus confidence

In a relationship marked by immaturity, everything is put in question and there are constant doubts. Doubts about whether the partner loves the other, if they cheat, if they will leave or plans to a future the two constantly assail lovers and are a cause of suffering. In a mature relationship, these doubts turn into certainties, as far as possible, but above all on trust. The confidence that they place in their own feelings and the partner allows them to build a peaceful and stable relationship, beyond great insecurities. While an immature relationship puts permanently issues, mature love knows the answers to those questions.

Satisfaction vs. dissatisfaction

A mature relationship, by its calm, confidence and security between partners is guided by a feeling of great satisfaction, comfort, pleasure and happiness. In an immature relationship, it is the opposite, there is a feeling that something is missing. There is a feeling of scary emptiness when the other is away, even for some hours, that foments feelings of insecurity.

One versus two

Immature relationships are characterized by the fact that the two are synonymous with just one. What makes the individuality of each disappear, switching places with “we” all the time. The struggle for having to be one happens only in immature relationships, as partners in mature relationships know that they are two people and not just one.

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