Food mistakes that steals energy from you

If you feel tired, review your diet and notice if you are making some of these mistakes.

The lack of energy that many times we feel can be caught with how we feed and nutrients we consume. If many of these nutrients give us energy and vitality others responsible for giving us some sleepiness and languor.

Skipping the most important meal of the day, that is, the breakfast, is one of the mistakes many of us food still makes responsible for letting us without power this morning. The home she was in our body during many hours requires the fuel Pack first thing in the morning. Opt for a combination of proteins, carbohydrates and dairy products to get your body working. Eggs, fruit, milk, cheese, cereals or bread are good options for a full breakfast.

Other meals to which should get a lot of attention is the lunch. This should be a meal also with proteins and small portions of carbohydrates and vegetables in order to once again obtain the energy required. For whom diet and opts for a light lunch salad based knows that this is not the best option.

The calorie intake should be more intense during morning and mid-afternoon so that we can carry out the necessary tasks without feeling tired. As night approaches, this ingestion can be decreased because we won’t be able to burn all those calories at night.

Avoid during late turn to the famous snacks, such as crackers or cereal bars. These are processed foods are a source of quick energy consumption that quickly let again hungry.

If aesthetic reasons cut their food carbohydrates, so the fatigue you feel is easily explainable. This food group is the basis of our energy body: without them, we can’t get energy. Can consume them in small doses but never eliminate them from your diet. The absence of foods with fiber can explain the reasons for a higher fatigue: they cause the absorption of carbohydrates is slower by keeping your appetite and sugar spikes more stabilized.

Also, the dehydration or excessive coffee consumption can result in the organism a feeling of tiredness. And if I can moderate the consumption of foods such as Turkey, red meat, alcohol, sweets, fried or white carbohydrates: they all steal energy to the body.

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