Music is better than pills

Few things clear up the body and spirit’s issues better than our favorite songs.

Lou Reed used to say that we hear rhythms from the time we lived in the womb of our mother, her heartbeat was our first drum like sound. Oliver Sacks, recently deceased psychiatrist, showed in Musicophilia that music really runs through our veins. In fact, many are those who turn to music to fight less encouraging states of mind. Here are the health benefits of music.

Press play and say goodbye to stress

It is proven that music can decrease the number of heart beats per minute, thereby preventing anxiety and stress. Up to now experiments were conducted during patient surgeries, where music was playing, and immediately a reduction of cortisol production was registered, which means less need for morphine so the body does not feel pain. Playing an instrument also shows evident results in control of anxiety.

A whole new immune system

Numerous studies have been showing that listening to music can often increase the natural defenses of the human body. This happens because the stress hormones interrupt their production and, this way, the outside attackers will have more difficulties to invade the organism.

You can’t remember something? Listen to music

More music, more dopamine; more dopamine, increased activity in the brain; increased activity in the brain, makes it easier to put the neurons in contact with each other and greater ease to build reasoning and access to the memories. Simple equations.

Do you practice sports? Do it with some rhythm

Music helps the body to pace the flow of oxygen into the body, while it rhythms conveniently the exercise you’re doing, ensuring an efficiency above average and a better performance of the muscle tissues. Motivation levels are also increased through the release of dopamine in the brain.

An infallible ingredient for those who want to lose weight

Whenever you eat, listen to quiet music: this will slow down the rate at which the food is ingested and thus you will be more satisfied with less food.

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