The advantages of having a hobby

Science has shown that having an occupation in leisure time improves health. Learn about the benefits of having a hobby.

At start, it seems not to be related, but having a passion for leisure, a hobby that we tirelessly dedicate ourselves, guarantees well-being and an improvement in health. Whether an aptitude for sports, arts or meditation habits, among many others, any hobbies have positive properties for your physical, emotional and intellectual balance, almost as beneficial as exercise.

More occupation, better sleep

It’s simple math: the busier we are, the more tired we get to bed and, consequently, we sleep better. And the intellectual fatigue is as positive as the physical, as it ensures the body an effective way to “turn off” to self-regenerate.

On behalf of a solid self-esteem

The feeling of satisfaction for achieving goals is beyond description: only those who know can speak. And hobbies are full of marks like this, which little by little, we get more and more to achieve the goals that we set out to do, whether we are talking about a video game, a painting that we wanted to paint or a distance that we wanted to run.

Your memory thanks

A hobby may require both the physical and the intellect. And in those cases where the reasoning and other neural activities are required and promoted, the winner is the brain. Synapses (connections between neurons) are stimulated, causing the self-regeneration to happen more often, and thus our memories remain vivid in mind.

More leisure and less stress

An activity that occupies your free time liberates our thinking from the routine concerns, taking us away from the everyday life and all its quirks. There, with our hobby, we’re different people, giving wings to an alter-ego and, for a moment, our life depends on a phrase, of a brushstroke or a right hit on a musical instrument. With all this, cortisol, the hormone responsible for the stress, is secreted in much smaller quantities, preventing cardiovascular disease, for example.

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