Tricks to beat insomnia

If you suffer this problem, know that there are some tricks that can help you. Let’s take out the insomnia?

Lack of sleep affects a lot of people and is one of the main sources of imbalance, in addition to representing an additional source of stress. Sleep has one of the most important functions in the body, it allows regeneration and renewal of cells overnight, keeping them healthy. By suffering from a disorder like insomnia, the brain becomes less agile and, as a result, the concentration is affected. The University of Chicago, in the United States, carried out a study with a group of young people, allowing them to sleep only 4 hours for 6 straight days: by the end of this time, they had similar body functions to a person of 60 years.

The duration and, especially, the quality of sleep are of vital importance to the physical and emotional balance, and the amount of sleep an adult need is between 7 and 8 hours per night. If you don´t, sleep is lost forever: contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to replace sleep hours, the overnight hours are always necessary for the human body, and there is no cumulative effect of accounting balance.

If you are one of those who sigh for a good night’s sleep here are some tricks that you can try for the Sandman appears. However, if the problem persists, do not hesitate to find a specialist to help you with the problem.

Begin by establishing the right time to go to bed and wake up, so your biological clock gets used to these times. Make light yet nutritious meals, in order to not overload the body with the task of digestion, and to not to go hungry to bed. On an empty stomach, chances are you don’t even get to sleep.

A relaxing warm bath or a lemon or Chamomile herb tea can help you relax and take you to more relaxed states of mind. Turn off all the lights, including television and other screens. Any light source has the effect of awakening brain functions.

Try to work your breathing. A correct and deep breathing can be beneficial not only to get a restful sleep as to the whole organism: for example, it lowers the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, giving the body a unique tranquility. Just before sleep, practice breathing exercises.

Don’t take unnecessary turns in bed, if you can’t fall asleep: get up and go back to bed only when you are sleepy.

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