Want better health? Try to sleep on your left side

Sleep on your left side increase your body’s health. Learn how and why.

The position that you sleep can have a real impact on your body. Sleep on your side is the most recommended and the most people’s favorite. Surveys indicate some clear benefits for side sleepers, as opposed to sleeping on your back or on your stomach.

Using magnetic resonance imaging, researchers at the University of Stony Brook, New York, found that the side position while sleeping is more efficient for the brain chemical and eliminate “garbage” that accumulates and can contribute to the development of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. This process of elimination consists in an exchange of fluids, that occurs mainly during sleeping and everything seems to indicate that the task is more successful if we sleep sideways because the transport of substances necessary to this exchange.

If you already sleep on your side and also sleep on your left side, the benefits that this entails can be even greater.

Sleep specifically on the left side of the body brings even more advantages to our organism from the stomach to the lymphatic system.

Like what happens to the brain, it is more easily to be “clean” by adopting this position at bedtime, our lymphatic system work easily. The lymphatic drainages where the lymph carries important elements as proteins, glucose, and others who need to get to the left side of the body, becomes easier by the fact that we sleep on that side.

Once again, for a matter of gravity, sleeping on the left side causes stomach and pancreas work best during sleep than if we go to bed in another position. These organs are naturally hung, what keeps the energetic development of pancreatic enzymes and the digestive process. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology shows that sleeping on your left side greatly reduces the symptoms of gastric reflux.

Your spleen is located on the left side of the body. This organ with important functions both for immune and lymph systems is necessary to filter the blood and perform its function correctly in the lymphatic system. Sleeping on the left side help to move fluids in a more simply way towards this organ to facilitate their role.

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