Foods that children should avoid

Children’s health may be at risk when they abuse of certain types of food.

As people use to say: as the twig is bent, so the tree is inclined, right? In fact, it is in childhood that habits are being shaped and taken to adulthood. If, as children, our eating routines are healthy, we will continue to apply them in our adult lives. A balanced diet, rich in nutrients promotes the correct physical, cognitive and emotional development of children.

The eating patterns of the small ones are set up to four years, the food they get used to eat until this age define their nutritional behavior in the future, hence the key role of education.

There are harmful foods that should be eaten only a few times, as it may be difficult to control the voracious appetite for goodies that age. These products should be offered to children, only on very special occasions. If they are completely forbidden, these foods only became even more interesting.

A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meat and fish should be the basis of the everyone´s diet, but when it comes to children, we should be especially cautious with certain foods. For example, every food should be well cooked, especially meat.

Sausages, so popular among the little ones, should be avoided at all costs. They are made from leftover meats and contain a lot of fat – recently, the World Health Organization stated this type of processed foods as potentially carcinogenic, just one of the reason to avoid them.

Candies are another problem that you need to know to deal with: candies and lollipops are sources of pure sugar, they have no nutritional value and are the main cause of tooth decay. Cookies or cakes with fillings or cover must be provided with care, weight and measure due to the enormous amount of sugar and saturated fat they contain.

Instant food, are much faster to prepare, but it has high levels of sodium and should be practically banned children diet, cook it only in exceptional cases.

Sodas, usually kid´s preferred drink, contain large amounts of sugar, sodium and fats, so its regular ingestion represents a danger to health.

Oilseeds, despite being excellent nutrients, should be avoided until the age of four. Besides the fact that they contain a fungus that can cause liver damage, there is a risk of choking hazard or allergies, which makes their use discouraged to young children.

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