Strengthen your spine

In case of backache, physical exercises can be your great ally. Learn how to greatly improve the health of your spine.

There are sports and sports: those that can aggravate a pain or injury, and that can make it better. Depending on the injuries in question, certain physical activities or specific exercises will be restricted or advised. It is true that, in general, sports strengthen your muscles, making your spine less prone to injury. You just need to choose the right one suited to your individual needs.

Being the backbone and central support structure of your body, the ideal is that it is well fortified. However, back pain is one of the problems that most affect the human being, about 70 to 85% according to World Health Organization figures. This pain can have various origins as structural problems, but the most common is that occur due to incorrect postures adopted in daily life and a weakened muscle structure.

So often it is recommended the practice of specific physical exercises as a way to strengthen the lumbar zone, given its importance for the stability in the central section of the body

As a way to strengthen the lower back, you can perform the following exercises:

Lumbar pushups

The push-ups lying face down, lifting the trunk are one of the most widely used exercises to strengthen the lower back. Lying, lift the trunk along with arms and legs outstretched.

Side plank

Putting yourself aside with the forearm based on the floor, lift the trunk holding the feet and the forearm supported on the floor and try to stabilize the trunk. It is a great way to increase strength in the muscles of the back without the tension falling too much on them (as happens sometimes on the plank).

Exercise with four support

Align shoulders, elbows and hands. Starting from a position with knees and hands supported on the floor (like you were on all fours) and perfectly aligned, remove simultaneously one arm and opposite leg off the floor and align them with the trunk as if it were a continuous line. Remain in this position for a few seconds and then repeat the exercise for the other arm and leg. Repeat a few times the exercise for both sides.

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