How to develop your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is much more important than you think for your life: we have essential tips to make it more effective.

Register your emotions

Do not put them aside or repress them. Write them down, in pen and paper if needed, as they emerge, identifying how and in which contexts they manifest.

Relate the emotions that you feel with the behaviors that you have

Notice and review the way you react in different situations and try to establish a cause and effect relation between them.

Train your reactions

Train your self-control by not reacting on instinct to situations, especially the more difficult ones. Don’t let your emotions control you. This is one of the main features of emotionally intelligent people.

Don’t make judgments based on values

Try to control your prejudices and not act as if your behavior, or assessment of situations were the only correct.

Record patterns

Do you always react the same way when you are angry? Does toy have a tendency to engage in the same kind of relationships? By realizing that you repeat certain patterns, you can better analyze and control your behavior.

Express more your emotions

Get used to express what you feel. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it all the time, but try to start doing it in key moments.

Practice empathy

This is one of the important qualities of the more intelligent emotionally. Try to put yourself in the shoes of others, and do not immediately issue value judgments about a person or situation.

Take on your mistakes

Get used to acknowledge your errors. Where applicable, instead of blaming others or to hold responsibility, learn to apologize.

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