Are you new to fitness?

Here’s what you get to do if fitness is new in your life. Enjoy the tips and terms we have to help.

Many people only go to the gym for the first time when summer comes. If only now going to start attending the world of fitness front him some basic terms that may seem strange to a newbie, and you will hear spoken either by teachers or by gym goers. So, it doesn’t feel like a fish out of water here are some of them:


The squats are a constant class of fitness. Serve to work legs and glutes and provide excellent results. As the name implies, consists of squat legs as much as you can with the hips well designed back and insist on moves or keep them static.


In any physical training to do, be it in group classes or individual will hear this word. The lunge is a specific and thorough exercise for the legs. Involves the use of a large number of muscle groups and have a dynamic character. One of the most common exercises of lunge consist of, from a starting position, take a step as far as possible, back, or forward, bending both knees and keeping the torso upright. The knee that is behind must go down as much as possible but without touching the floor, and what is ahead should form an angle of 90 degrees with the ground.


Exercises that strengthen your abdominal muscles. The planks can be front or side. Consist of a static position, that should be hold for some time, in which the body weight should be supported by those same muscles. In this position, only the toes and forearms touching the ground.


Set of exercises with several repetitions, after which there is a short period of rest, after which begins another series.


Number of times that repeats the same exercise. Example: lunge, ten repetitions. That means you’re going to do ten times the lunge.


There may be specific lessons or just circuit exercises in a gym class. Them is assembled, around the room, a sequence with various exercises to realize that alternate between aerobic and located. When you’re done, back to the start and repeat it for as long as it is determined by the instructor.


If, in the engine room, asked start for elliptical is not lost. She is the machine like a treadmill but instead of treadmill features a species of high stairs. It is ideal to work legs and glutes.

Functional training

On all the muscle groups, this kind of training is based for the natural movements of the body and just going to the weight the same for its implementation. Is to improve our physical condition from the natural movements that our body was designed to perform.

Interval training

Or high intensity training. This is a kind of very intense training, with a short duration characterized by exercises practiced with the maximum intensity interspersed with periods of rest. Is one of the most effective ways to lose fat.

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