Major knee injuries

Knees are one of the parts of the body that have greater tendency to get injured. Know which areas are most fragile and how to protect them.

This is one of the joints of the body on which rests a greater effort. Despite being the largest existing joint in the human body she not really is more protected from injury. This articulation suffers constantly twisting movements, rotation or bending which are usually accentuated during sports activities. These, along with recreational activities are the main risk factors of injuries in the knee.

Meniscus-the weakest link

The damage to the meniscus are very common and can be more or less severe. The medial meniscus (there is also the lateral meniscus) is one of the most affected by injuries as it is a very little when compared to the mobile side. Lesions occur mainly in athletes, although they can also occur in everyday life especially in older people, and from forced movements of the knee and trauma. When there is a sudden and unexpected movement, the knee may not be able to articulate effectively giving rise to injury. The overuse of this joint (which occurs frequently in athletes) inflicts injury also.

Dislocated knee

When some of the bones that make up your knees out of the place happens the offset of this joint. Contact sports can cause this type of injury. This is one of the most serious injury that occurs in the knee and causes great pain.

Tendon ruptures

The tendons located in the knees can be too stretched and rip out mainly in middle-aged adults who commit race or high-impact sports, involving for example many jumps often with poorly controlled landings. The most common is the rupture of the patella tendon (can also be a rupture in the quadriceps tendon) and usually requires surgery to repair in the event of a complete rupture.


Yes, also the knees may suffer sprains. Especially in sports such as football, skiing or basketball this type of sprain is more amenable and happen. This happens because of these types of sports involve constant movements of acceleration and deceleration. The sprain occurs when the ligaments are stretched beyond their physical limit and its damaged fibers. Happens mainly by the fact that one of the ligaments is exposed to an unforeseen force or make an unexpected movement too brusque.

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