Bodybuilding training techniques – Part II

Learn more techniques to sculpt your muscles. We have tips for bodybuilding enthusiasts. Check it out.

Between more or less intensive techniques, there are various forms that you can use to train bodybuilding.

Super slow method

Repetitions of the exercises are made extremely slow. Moderate weight loads are advised. It consists of performing slow repetitions using up to 60 seconds for each. It is used especially in monoarticular movements of large amplitude.

Negative reps

It is an eccentric training that values the negative part of the exercise. This should be longer, slower and more controlled than a normal exercise and the weight must be increased in this part of the exercise.

Wave method

This name has to do with the appearance waveform, that is, to switch heavy and light loads. Series with more weight and fewer repetitions are performed interchangeably and continuously with series with less weight and more repetitions

Total failure

This is an extreme method that aims to hit every muscle failure: the concentric, eccentric and static failure. It is impossible to practice without a training partner.

Set 21

Mostly used for the biceps, it is composed by three phases. It consists in effecting half reps of lower, upper and at the end movement, perform the repetitions with full movement, without rest interval.

Big Wave

This method consists in performing a bigger number of repetitions with 60% of maximum load, which will rise your heart rate. Without interval, you must then increase the load to 85% of the maximum weight and perform six repetitions. Then rest and repeat the entire exercise again, but do not exceed the six series.

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