Healthy teeth. Tips for a bright smile

Pay more attention to your dental health and seek the maximum to have healthy teeth, strong and bright. Do everything to get healthy teeth.

Teeth are the first things observed in a person. There are even those who say that teeth are the first element of attraction, for both men and women. In fact, any dimension of our lives may become less enjoyable if our teeth do not have a good appearance. And, of course, having toothache is one of the worst agonies that man has ever felt. So, learn with us: here’s some tips to keep pretty and healthy teeth.

Careful with what you eat

Wine, cigarettes, red berries juices: these are the greatest enemies of whiteness. Prefer foods such as apples, carrots, popcorn or dried fruit to give them a little more shine, and brush it always after any meal.

Throw away your toothbrush

Easy, easy! It’s not to stop brushing your teeth, but do not overload by brushing it too much. Every two months, change the brush, so the dental hygiene is not neglected.

Sodium bicarbonate

That’s right: grab a teaspoon of baking soda, spread it over your and brush your teeth, just like that. Repeat once a week and you will soon see that your teeth will have a much more shining look. But pour it out: it is not advisable to ingest such dose of sodium.

Use floss … with eyes closed

Yes, you read it right: turns out that if you are not looking anywhere, you will be more focused and know exactly in which areas of your mouth is to use the dental floss, becoming more conscious about the hidden spaces of the dentition that need to be cleaned.

Fluor, fluor, fluor

Maintain fresh breath prevents the coexistence of too many bacteria within the mouth, preventing halitosis, cavities, and also yellowish teeth.

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