Dental health: Learn to keep a healthy smile

Your dental health is much more important than you think.

Some recent studies have shown that the appearance of teeth is one of the first things that people notice, so it’s crucial to take care of dental health. Here we have some tips to ensure you find it easier to have clean, bright and lasting teeth.

No sodas!

Phosphoric and citric acids present in this kind of drinks are two major poisons to dental health, so they must be avoided.

Sugar: just the same

The consumption of sugar is the easier way to develop tooth decay. Remove all possible sugar from your diet. It makes little difference and it is terrible for the teeth.

Smoking? No way!

Tobacco causes teeth to gradually turn yellow and weakens them, ruining them to a point of no return, coming to cause its loss. As we all know, smoking causes a lot of collateral damage: poor oral health is just one of them.

Toothbrush lifetime

With firm but soft bristles, the toothbrush is important for your oral hygiene. But with proper use – we recommend you to brush your teeth at least twice a day – the brush becomes obsolete after two or three months’ maximum. Pay attention and do not be afraid to put the old one in the trash to replace it with another brand new brush.

Floss, a lot

There are spaces between teeth where a toothbrush cannot always reach. So, to avoid tooth decay or even bad breath, it is advisable to floss after washing or even do it when you can’t brush.

What about chewing gum?

Since we were children, we heard that chewing gum harms teeth. However, they can even be a good way to clean up leftover food in places where a toothbrush cannot reach. The key is that they should be sugar free. Moreover, use as you wish – but without exaggerating: spending too much time chewing also weakens the dental crowns.

Don’t miss your annual appointment

There’s nothing like the experts’ opinion. It happens the same when it comes to teeth healthcare, an annual check-up is the most desirable, if only to realize that there are no new tooth decay and to reinforce cleaning and enamel resistance.

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